You know how your tastes can change as you go through life?

Well, I can safely say (based purely on personal experience of course) that curries remain a culinary constant.

Way back when I was young, foolish and continually trying to prove my virility, a friend and I would meet once a week at an Indian Restaurant and order the hottest curries on the menu. “The hottest you’ve got!” we’d cry. We’d sweat out three pints of bodily fluids and lose the use of our tastebuds for days but come next Sunday and we’d be back for more.

Then there were the long work lunches spent at the local Indian restaurant, washing down a lamb korma or beef vindaloo with a bottle or two (okay, or three) of Kingfisher beer.

Today, the kids are always up for a meal out at an Indian Restaurant, which is a great thing because it’s a wonderful cost-effective option for family dining. And trying to keep a mix of meat lovers and vegetarians happy is a lot easier when you “go Indian”.

We’re spoiled for choice here in Auckland. There are so many restaurants serving up deliciously authentic Indian fare. And because every province in India has its own take on traditional cuisine, there’s a heap of variety on offer.

Here’s a small sampling from the length and breadth of Auckland. They’re not in any particular order – and it’s certainly not the “be all and end all” list of Indian restaurants.

But if you fancy an authentic Indian curry, it’s a good place to start.

Chand Indian

Rothesay Bay

Curry fanciers flock to this little North Shore gem from all over Auckland.

It’s definitely worth the trip. The menu is massive, brimming over with chicken, lamb, goat, beef, seafood and vegetable curries – and irresistible sides and starters.

Order a dry spicy curry and scoop it up with a nut and sultana-stuffed Peshwari naan. It’s a heaven-sent mix of sweet and savoury.

Raja’s Indian Restaurant

Botany Downs

The locals have tried to keep Raja’s a secret – but now that secret’s out.

You’ll find some seriously tasty Indian fare here – from traditional aloo gobhi (cauliflower and potatoes in spices) and Punjabi home-style chicken curry and jalfrezi through to tasty lamb saag.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Mt Roskill

Cracking Indian meets Malaysian restaurant in the heart of Mt Roskill!

This is Indian food dished up with a delightful twist. We’re talking potato crepes with coconut chutney and sambar, for example.

Then there’s Santhiya’s famous boneless goat curry (best eaten, if I may say, with a buttery roti or fresh chappati).

1947 Eatery


Fancy a modern twist on traditional Indian street food?

The 1947 Eatery is the place to park your tastebuds. It’s run by three young first-generation immigrants who confess that with growing up in the melting pot of Auckland, fusion within their recipes was inevitable.

Enjoy cuisine inspired by the street vendor snacks served up on roads of Mumbai – or authentic Dum biriyanis from the Palaces of Nizam – all done with a delicious contemporary take.



The unpretentious eatery is a great place to enjoy Indian food in laid-back surroundings.

The chefs pride themselves on creating authentic fare. If you want to try something a little out of the ordinary, go for the Indo-Chinese style chowmein.

The locals swear by it.



Satya prides itself on serving up simple, homely Indian food using recipes from Southern India.

You can’t go wrong with such southern delicacies as Dosas (a thin pancake made from lentils and rice that goes well with pretty anything) and Idlis (a type of savoury rice cake).

Satyas has been going for over 21 years and has plenty of space for large birthday parties and weddings.

Oh Calcutta


Not to be confused with the naughty stage show that shocked the world in the seventies, this iconic Parnell landmark is a great place to catch up with friends or share a meal for two.

The restaurant spills out onto bustling Parnell Rise so you can enjoy true street-side dining.

And the bar… If you’re a gin fancier, you’ll be spoiled for choice, with 24 different gins on offer.



It’s called the Veg Edge, and with good reason.

Status is the vegetarian and vegan happy place, with a huge array of dishes made from family recipes that date back generations.

As a tasty point of difference, there’s plenty of street food and sizzlers (both savoury and sweet) that you don’t often find from the one place.

Indian Zaika


Here’s a great place to experience a wide array of Indian cuisine in a lovely airy setting.

While you’re waiting for your meal you can admire the bright and vibrant floor to ceiling murals that adorn the walls.

It’s a popular place, so it pays to book.



Chawla’s has been serving up delicious fare since 1960. That’s proof itself how great the food is.

You’ve got to try Chawla’s Chicken – a house dish that has been a favourite for years. No red chillies or vegetable oils here. It’s cooked in milk and cream and flavoured with black pepper and green cardamom. Yummy!

There are lots of new dishes added regularly to keep the menu fresh – like the Honey Chilli Cauliflower (I’m a big meat eater but this is wonderful stuff!).

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