Don’t be one of those people that buys a Bungy tee from an op shop and wears it PRETENDING to have Bungy jumped… Do the real thing. Get the real tee. Rock that confidence.

Bungy jumping in Queenstown.

Nevis Bungy (Get 30% off now!)

Do this Bungy if:

You want to go big or go home. The Nevis Bungy is the largest Bungy in New Zealand, so if you want to go straight to the top, this is your jam.


$275 retail including transport out to the Nevis Playground, a Nevis Bungy tee and your bungy. Obviously.

Good to know:

Allow 4 hours for a round-trip. The Nevis Playground is quite a drive (not that you’ll remember your drive out there – hello nerves). You can bring a friend to go out and watch which will cost them $50.

Let’s start with closing our eyes for 8.5 seconds.

Go on, give it a go. Just close your eyes. Time seems to go slowly, right? Think of all the things you could do in those seconds. Fill up the kettle, put the toast in the toaster, do a couple of push-ups, have the world’s fastest shower? I bet falling through the sky at a ridiculous speed with nothing but some rubber attached to your ankles didn’t cross your mind?!

8.5 seconds is how long you fall for when doing the Nevis Bungy. The ‘Jump Pod’ sits nice and high at 134m, suspended in a canyon held up by a few cables. Sold yet? The view is breathtakingly beautiful, but you don’t really think about that when standing on the edge. I mean, the location is so secluded that you have to take a private bus to get out there (included in your Bungy price) and then take a cable car out to the ‘Jump Pod’. Trust me when I say that the cable car is all part of the experience. A small cage, where you’re clipped onto a wire, completely open and see-through. If that doesn’t prepare the mind for a Bungy, I don’t know what will!

Once you are hooked up and ready to go, you’re shuffled out to the end of what honestly feels like the tiniest platform in history. A platform made for ants. You feel extremely exposed, and quite vulnerable standing on that platform with absolutely nothing in front of you except a grand drop.

It’s hard to hear your instructors counting down, as all you can focus on is “what on earth am I even attached to”.

It feels like the hardest thing in the world at the time, but all you need to do is fall. I mean a beautiful, extravagant swan dive looks great in pictures, but just getting off that platform in any way shape or form gets you one step closer to ticking this bad boy off your bucket list.

Kawarau Bungy (Get 30% off now!)

Do this Bungy if:

You want to tick the OG Bungy off your list. You want the original experience, you want to say you’ve jumped at the world’s first commercial Bungy site.


$205 retail, which includes a very funky Kawarau Bungy tee.

Good to know:

You can drive out to this site (about 20 mins from Queenstown) or take a free shuttle from the city centre. The Bungy Centre is located right by the famous ‘Valley of Vines’ in Gibbston, which is very convenient…

Hello old timer! This 43m Bungy is the oldest one in, well, the world.

It’s the ‘World Home of Bungy” where Henry Van Asch and AJ Hackett started this whole Bungy shindig. Not only has she aged gracefully, she is STUNNING.
This Bungy is great for any time of year – if you want to be surrounded by a blanket of white (and lose feeling in your face), jump in winter. If you want a sea of oranges, yellows and reds, jump in autumn. If you want to get dunked in the river for a bit of a cool-down, choose summer. And spring? You don’t honestly know exactly what you’re going to get!

The Kawarau Bridge itself is a historic landmark in Queenstown – what a way to integrate yourself into history!

The ‘Bungy Centre’ located at the Kawarau Bridge has everything anyone could ever need. Coffee? Yep. Cocktails? Absolutely. A gift shop? You got it. A massive viewing deck so you can watch terrified punters plunge as you make up your mind? Duh.

The Kawarau Bungy Centre is a (free) must-stop on the main road in to Queenstown, so expect an audience when you take the plunge.

One of the great take-aways from this bungy is that they use towels around your ankles. Actual. Bath. Towels. Wrapped nice and tight around your ankles and then cuddled by LOTS of cord – don’t worry, she’s secure!

Ledge Bungy (Get 30% off now!)

Do this Bungy if:

You don’t want to jump attached by your feet. Or, if you’re already up Skyline and you’re a spontaneous little human.


$205, which includes a Ledge Bungy tee.

Good to know:

This high-flying Bungy is located at the top of Skyline Gondola, so you’ll need to head on up before you harness up (tickets available through Skyline). You can make the most of being up there and give luging a go too! Zoom zoom zoom.

Remember those optical illusion books you used to read as a kid?

The ones where you would go cross-eyed and the whole page would become 3D and you would become dizzy? I think the Ledge Bungy is the adult, real-life equivalent of that.

The jump itself sits at 47m high, but the kicker is that the jump pod sits cantilevered over the edge of a cliff 400m above Queenstown… So the actual fall itself is only a couple of seconds, but you feel like you’re jumping all the way back down to Fergburger to collect your order.

The beauty of this jump is that it’s the only ‘freestyle’ Bungy in Queenstown, meaning you can choose how you jump. You’re attached by the harness on your body, so you can still go headfirst, backwards, a handstand, be thrown off… The opportunities are endless!

Another great perk of this Bungy is the photos – what better backdrop than the quintessential mountains of Queenstown?! They don’t call this their most picturesque jump for no reason! Some would say the view is quite… Remarkable… See what I did there?! Although in saying that, in my pictures I looked like a 5’8” sized troll doll with the worlds sourest lolly in her mouth (let’s not even talk about my hair in the pictures).

Canyon Swing

Do this Swing if:

You want to tick a ‘world first’ off your bucket list. You want to do something a bit crazy, fun and different to a Bungy.


$249 retail for solo, $458 retail for tandem

Good to know:

The Shotover Canyon Swing is only 15 minutes from town, so a nice easy afternoon activity… Allow 2 hours for a round-trip. You can’t self-drive to this one, so take their bus out and (try to) relax for the journey. You can bring a spectator for $10.

A great place to start your swinging adventure is the highest cliff jump in the world – the Shotover Canyon Swing.

The Canyon Swing is an original activity opening in Queenstown back in 2002, with many, MANY screams throughout their last 18 years of operation. Who needs Spotify when you have an endless stream of screams?

This schwing (saying it like that really just adds to the experience, you should absolutely try it) boasts a large list of ‘jump styles’ from the classic forwards jump to the more daring styles of chair jumps and the trike (now is your chance to be Billy the puppet from the Saw movies).

This was my first ever swing and I can honestly say it did not disappoint. The crew is awesome and will do all they can to put your mind at ease… with a bit of teasing of course. I cannot rave about the great staff enough!
The Swing itself has a bit of everything – a drop straight down the Shotover Canyon, and a nice wee rope swing out over the water (I use the word ‘wee’ lightly). The best part? You can go solo or bring someone who is willing to literally jump off a cliff with you.

Nevis Swing (Get 30% off now!)

Do this Swing if:

You are heading out to the Nevis already, or have seen this one online and want to give it a go. Go on, put it online and tell your friends. Have a brag.


$225 retail for both solo and tandem (you pay $225 per person).

Good to know:

Just like the Nevis Bungy, you can’t drive out to site. You can take the Bungy bus (included in your Swing ticket price woohoo). Spectators are $50/person. Allow 4 hours for a round-trip.

The self-proclaimed ‘most famous swing in the world’ (hello viral Facebook video) is located out at the Nevis playground.

With its own designated area, the Nevis Swing is perfect for individuals or tandems. This Swing is completely controlled by your instructor, so you have no say in when they drop you (which for some people is easier…). I, however, am an absolute control freak, so the lack of control over this Swing made the whole experience delightfully terrifying.

You swing across the 300m arc in whichever position you like – the choice is yours! There’s nothing quite like hearing the wind tickle your ear canals as gravity pulls you downwards and you question your life choices all in a matter of seconds.

Ledge Swing (Get 30% off now!)

Do this Swing if:

The idea of pulling your own release cord tickles your fancy, or if you find yourself up the Skyline Gondola in Queenstown and have the urge to swing out over the city like a moderan Tarzan.



Good to know:

You will need to buy tickets to take the gondola up to the top, or hike up the hill if you are feeling fit (I wouldn’t recommend this in winter, or probably ever at all – but I’m an unfit mess so don’t take my word for it)

The closest Swing to a backyard rope swing in my eyes!

As a lass who has ventured around the country and given most things a go, I can say whole-heartedly this was the scariest activity for me (and yes, I’ve done the Nevis Bungy). There is something about having to pull your own cord to release yourself and swing out over Queenstown that just didn’t sit well with me. Much like the Ledge Bungy, the Swing is a bit of an illusion. You feel a lot higher than you actually are. A great bonus, however, are the picturesque images that are taken of you absolutely packing it (try to look good in these photos. Go on, I dare you).

Nevis Catapult (Get 30% off now!)

Do this activity if:

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but all it did to you was throw you out over a valley (and it was SO worth it). Give this activity a go for something entirely different to anything you’ll probably ever do in your life. No really, there’s just absolutely nothing out there that I can compare to this activity. This is your chance to ‘one-up’ all your friends who brag about Bungy jumping.


$225 retail

Good to know:

Look, I don’t want to sound like a broken record here but just like the Nevis Bungy and Swing, you can’t drive out to site for this activity. You can take the Bungy bus (included in your ticket price). Spectators are $50/person. Allow 4 hours for a round-trip. There we go. All done.

Ahhhhh, the world’s largest human catapult. That ol’ thing.

Always wondered what it felt like to be that rock inside a slingshot when you were a kid? Me either, but now you can find out!

Get pulled back and shot out over the Nevis Valley, reaching up to 3Gs of force. Sounds great right!? Reach up to 100km in just 1.5 seconds. You’re like a car! On a motorway! But in the air! In human form! You’re unstoppable! Until you finally slow down and then are dragged on back to your starting point (there always has to be a come-down).

Bungy jumping in Canterbury.

Hanmer Springs Bungy

Do this Bungy if:

You’re in the area, have always wanted to Bungy or just fancy a freefall. The price-point helps too!


$169, which includes a tee. I mean you could have a whole new wardrobe if you’re ticking all of these Bungy jumps off your list!

Good to know:

Tandem jumps are welcomed here, so if you want to bring someone down with you, now’s the time!

A great all-rounder!

She may be roughly 100m lower than the Nevis, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t great! Located on a historic bridge (which seems to be a theme…), the Hanmer Springs Bungy is nothing to be scoffed at.

You still experience the lovely (or terrifying) feeling of flying, but you don’t need to venture all the way down to Queenstown to get it. A great way to tick this whole flying with a cord kind of thing off your bucket list, or to add to your Bungy portfolio if you’re that way inclined.

Bungy jumping in Rotorua and Taupō

Taupō Bungy (Get 20% off now!)

Do this Bungy if:

You’re in Taupō and fancy a fall. You like cliff-diving. You’re really hot and want to cool down.


$185 including a Taupō Bungy tee.

Good to know:

It’s spacious out there, meaning you can drive AND park. Take a bus, take a taxi, take your friends, take yourself.

Look, I know I said historic bridges are a theme, but so are platforms hanging on the side of cliffs apparently.

It’s almost like they want people to jump off these things?!

This Bungy is New Zealand’s only cliff-top Bungy. The platform sits pretty on the side of a cliff (if you couldn’t gather that from the previous sentence) overlooking the scenic Waikato river. I would say take a minute to look at your surroundings and take it in, but in all honesty, that will probably be the last thing on your mind when it’s just you, the air, and the hammering water below.

You have the option of staying dry (sweating excluded) or being dunked in the river. Think of it like diving into the water below, but then being pulled out dramatically and thrown back into the sky… Dreamy.

Rotorua Bungy

Do this Bungy if:

You find yourself in Roto-vegas and have an itching to plummet. You are budget conscious.


$149 per person

Good to know:

They offer tandem Bungy jumps here, so you can take your pal, you parents or your partner. Or a scared stranger. Look at my alliteration, are you impressed? I am. *pats my own shoulder.

Picture this: Just you, a tower and some lush green fields.

This Bungy stands out because it doesn’t involve cliffs or bridges. The ground is flat but the jump is high. 43 metres (also known as a couple of seconds) of freefall, straight to the ground. There’s no water in these fields my friend!

The view from the top is beautiful. I know I said you’ll be nervous, but I promise you, if you take in the view, it makes your jump even better. It’s science.

A great way to get the thrill, experience the rush and be able to tell your friends you did it. At this price, it just seems crazy that you wouldn’t.

Taupō Swing (Get 20% off now!)

Do this Swing if:

You’re in Taupō, you have the sudden urge to Swing, or if you’re ticking a Bungy off your list and want something a lil’ extra.



Good to know:

You’ll be riding solo with this one – no tandems here! Ample parking on-site, so put on your best pre-swing tunes and drive on out there.

Soar through the air and glide over the water with this Swing over the Waikato River.

There’s nothing quite like the heart-stopping feeling of falling and then finally feeling the cord kick in as you swing out over the river. This Swing is the only one in the North Island, so if that’s where you are holidaying, swing into the Taupo Bungy site (see what I did there?) and give this crazy activity a go.


Do this activity if

You want to do something entirely different, There’s three of you traveling together (there aren’t many activities designed for 3 people..!)


$55 per person

Good to know:

This activity is located at Velocity Valley in Rotorua, so you can start with this activity and work your way up to a Bungy if you wish!

Be pulled up 40m high, then swoop on down through the air with this great activity.

A great little bonus is you can have up to 3 people ‘Swooping’ at once! Picture the Magpie. BE the Magpie. Let those swooping dreams become a reality. Swoop on down and reach full velocity after you (or the lucky one or two or three) pulls the release cord.

Bungy jumping in Auckland

Auckland Bungy (Get 20% off now!)

20% off Auckland Bungy Jump
Do this Swing if:

You have always wanted to walk on the Harbour Bridge but can’t bring yourself to do a marathon (me). You want to go swimming in the harbour but make it a bit more crazy than your friends. You need a quick hangover cure.


$195 including a jump tee.

Good to know:

You can park on-site (the Bungy ‘bach’ is based underneath the bridge on the city side). They also offer free pick up from a couple of points near the city if you don’t want to drive. Also – bring a camera. The views are great! You can also bring a support person if you need for $20/person. A great wee experience for someone who doesn’t want to jump but wants to take in the sights.

Hello City of Sails! You know a city lives up to its name when during a Bungy jump, the Jump Masters literally have to check for boats before you can jump off the edge.

This Bungy is a hidden gem, tucked up under the icon that is the Auckland Harbour Bridge. A custom-made jump-pod bolted to the historic metal bridge makes for a great Bungy.

Stand on the edge and take in the sights of the Waitematā Harbour, then get dunked in the water for the full experience (I can’t promise that you won’t get salt water giving you a tickle deep in to the darkness of your sinus cavity – almost like a Covid test! No, really. That feeling is FIZZY).

A great feature of this Bungy is getting to walk out under the bridge on a metal walkway to the widest part of the structure – an awesome experience given that the bridge is for vehicles only. Take in the sights of Auckland from a VIP vantage point. An even better part is that you have to wear hard hats for the walk out to the Jump Pod, so you already know that the Insta photos are going to be on point.

Auckland Bridge Climb (Get 20% off now!)

Do this if:

Honestly – all of the above. Have I really not sold this experience to you?!


$130 buckaroos.

Good to know:

No cameras with this experience. In fact, no loose items at all. You’re going up and above the cars, so obviously this would be a bit of a hazard. Your guide will take photos of you at the top though so don’t stress!

Did you know that there are roughly over a million bolts and rivets in the Harbour Bridge, and a lot of these were put in by hand?

Well now you do. Look out pub quiz!

Now, a lot of people out there probably think climbing a bridge is overrated, but I am here to tell you that those people are WRONG. This Climb is filled to the brim with titbits and tales to tell all your mates (even when they aren’t interested – there’s nothing like forced knowledge!).

Need a conversation starter? You’ll get one doing the Bridge Climb! Want a unique way to break the ice? What about “Oh my God did you know that the ‘Nippon Clip-on’s’ on the Harbour Bridge are only attached at the bottom so the whole top of them MOVES?!”?!
Not only are you learning as you go, you also get to take in some pretty special sights. I am telling you now, standing on top of the bridge above all the cars with a 360-degree view of Auckland is pretty wild. Another thing that is wild is your hair. I wore mine out and she got WINDSWEPT HONEY.

The best part – and I don’t say this lightly – are the disgustingly fabulous climb suits. As soon as I popped it on I was like a whole new person. Fierce. Sassy. Ready to get ON that bridge. Get IN that bridge.
Get zipped in and kitted up for your Harbour Bridge journey!

Aucklands’ tallest tower – a shining beacon at night, an adrenalin rush during the day.

With 360-degree views of Auckland, why wouldn’t you want to jump off this perfectly fine skyscraper?

You leap off the edge, plummet down to the bustling city below, stop for a second and ‘hover’ outside one of the viewing areas of the tower so the too-scared-to-jump-off viewers get to reaffirm their decision.
Look, falling down at a silly speed towards concrete really is just something else. You can’t compare it to anything. Except for maybe falling down at a silly speed towards concrete.

If you prefer to not plummet and just take in the view whilst suspended over the city on a grated see-through walkway, Skywalk is for you. Not only do you get to wear a ridiculously attractive suit, you get to walk around the tower, leaning over the side, all whilst you’re attached by what looks and feels like the smallest string in the world. Wait, is that dental floss?
The photos are amazing, the nerves are full-on, the tears running down your face while you keep asking yourself “why” are… Just part of the experience.