The Helicopter Line
West Coast, Franz Josef

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FREE UPGRADE from our Neve Discoverer 20mins scenic flight to our Twin Glacier 30mins scenic flight.

Book this flight and you will be upgraded to the Twin Glacier 30mins Scenic flight!
From Franz Josef Village fly over both the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, soaring first over the townships and then following the ice flow high up into the upper reaches. Land in the snow at the head of one of the glaciers and survey the path the glacier has carved below you. Admire views of the Southern Alps and soaring Mt Cook.

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The Helicopter Line

The Helicopter Line

Main South Road

Franz Josef

West Coast

Who is this?

The Helicopter Line is New Zealand’s leading helicopter operating company. Formed in 1986 when 3 separate helicopter companies combined, The Helicopter Line has grown to become the largest Kiwi owned Helicopter Company in New Zealand and the largest provider of scenic flights in the country.
Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring you experience the best. We have professionally trained pilots who have specialist experience flying in New Zealand’s alpine environments and all of our crew are qualified to ensure your safety, both in the air and on the ground.

Many of the scenic flight options are within New Zealand’s national parks and The Helicopter Line has a large number of concessions from the Department of Conservation, allowing flights to parts of the country which may not otherwise be accessible. This access to some of the most iconic landscapes within New Zealand is a privilege The Helicopter Line is proud to share with you.