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Use the Code TryLocal at the checkout when playing any one of our Escape Rooms with 4+ team members.


what exactly will i get?

Receive 20% off of all bookings with groups of 4 people or more!!!

Experience TripAdvisors #1 voted Activity in Rotorua for Fun & Games. With escape room having it’s own unique theme with puzzles that are suited to those themes, you will need to use different thought patterns throughout each of them. Test your heist abilities out in our Catch Me If You Can Escape Room, in One Hell of a Kitchen get locked away by a Chef with one hell of a hobby, if you were locked in a Strip Club would you really want to Escape??

With our building being stationed in the middle of town everything you need is close by. Kuirau Park hosts some of our Geothermal Hot Springs and Foot Pools and it is right across the road. Our town Shopping Mall is just around the corner and has all your shopping essentials.


Wow!! Where can I get this awesome deal again?


1282 Hinemoa St

Rotorua CBD


New Zealand — Bay of Plenty 3010

Who is this?

Come to our ESCAPE HOUSE!! One of the only escape houses in New Zealand. We are family owned and operated with a small team behind us that will make you feel right at home. Making sure all family, friends and work teams have a positive and fun experience is our main priority. We have 3 escape rooms to choose from that will boggle your brain and test your limits. How fast can you get out IF at all??? Catch Me If You Can is perfect for families with younger children and people who want to try their hand at becoming a Heist Master. One Hell of a Kitchen is for those who like to be ‘Chilled’ and thrilled. If you are wanting something a little less PG and a little more R Rated, our Strip Club Escape Room is just for you!! Can you work as a team? Or will your communication skills let you down? Test your skill set in one of our rooms to see. You only have an hour so work smart and work swift.

Rotofobia was started by 4 great minds, of which one sighted a strange house in the middle of town. A thought crossed his mind. That thought turned in to an Idea, that Idea turned in to a Plan, and that Plan turned in to a DREAM. So, with the help of his beautiful wife and two Business Partners they formed ESCAPE THE HOUSE!!!…… but then decided that was a lame name so they changed it to the glorious ROTOFOBIA instead. They went on to develop their first room, coming up with different puzzles and challenges that guests would have to solve in order to escape with THEIR LIVES!! (For dramatic effect purposes only). Many blood, sweat and tears were shed in order to achieve their dream. With many trial runs and bug fixes, the four founders managed to have Rotofobia up and running in 2017. After some time owning and operating Rotofobia, the four founders decided it was time to move on to a new journey elsewhere. Now still locally owned and operated with a small team behind us, we look forward to expanding Rotofobia even further. Join us on this journey by playing one (or two) of our rooms and save $$ at the same time. We look forward to meeting you/seeing you again. Our welcoming staff will make sure you have as positive an experience as possible.