West Coast, Greymouth

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Just mention this listing and quote Try Local when booking direct


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Record your dream adventures and make your friends jealous!

Have your precious memories recorded for “FREE” with good quality video footage! So come down and challenge yourself by hopping into a vehicle of your choice, whether it be a quad bike or a buggy and take on some of the very best off-road tracks on the West Coast. Drive through a mystical, untouched, rainforest and be prepared to be enchanted by its beauty with tall native trees, ferns, moss-lined tracks, rocky creeks and even a waterfall! Your friendly, experienced guide will take you places that look very similar to scenes out of a lost world movie. We cater for individuals, couples, groups and children. Our AWESOME tracks are spread out over 250 acres of privately owned land, so definitely no formed roads here, just 16km pure off-road enjoyment! Come see why we’re rated very highly on TripAdvisor.

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On Yer Bike Off Road Adventures

511 State Highway 6

Coal Creek


West Coast 7802

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Our adventure tourism business has been operating and thrilling visitors for 23 years on our unique piece of paradise preserved to showcase some of the most incredible scenery unlike anywhere else in the New Zealand. The property has been in the family for three generations and continues to be a highlight or a “must-do activity” for any visitor to Greymouth on the West Coast.