This deal has expired.

Sorry, but this deal is no longer available. All good things will eventually come to an end. But we've got other similiar deals that you may like!

Canterbury, Timaru, Otago, Oamuru

How do I get this deal?

No codes or vouchers required, just click 'get this deal' and give Ronald & Anna a call.

what exactly will i get?

We've put the BIG SQUEEZE on our 2020 prices!

So what’s the deal? $900 for an exclusive-use (that means you don’t share the boat with anyone but your party), customised (in other words we plan it just to suit your team), braided river (the rivers that twist and turn and have multiple channels to play in and explore) jet boating experience for up to 5 people. That’s great value!

Wow!! Where can I get this awesome deal again?

Who is this?

We’re a small, owner-operated business situated in South Canterbury and the Waitaki. We’re passionate about authentic tourism and doing what we do well. We’re not so good at flash marketing campaigns or smooth sales pitches, but we’re pretty great at jet boating and showing off the places we love.