Northland, Whangarei

How do I get this deal?


what exactly will i get?

"Perfect Dinner for One"

This deal is the perfect dinner for one. It comes with one Chef’s Special Curry (Chicken, Beef or Goat) served with Basmati Rice and Butter Naan paired with a Glass of Wine (Red/White).

Wow!! Where can I get this awesome deal again?

Turmeric Indian Restaurant

71 Cameron Street, shop no 9, Quality street Mall,

Whangarei CBD


Northland 0110

Who is this?

“Turmeric often misspelled as Tumeric, is an Indian Restaurant located in the heart of Whangarei bringing you the spirits of India in the form of best authentic grandma’s recipe dishes handcrafted with love by our chefs! Turmeric Indian Restaurant serves everything that you desire when you think Indian food! Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian (halal food), Vegan, Seafood and exceptional handmade in-house desserts! Indian Spices Cardamom Pepper Chillies Ginger Turmeric Coriander Cumin Fennel Fenugreek Mustard Nutmeg Mace Tamarind Cinnamon Garlic Star-Anise Clove Saffron Dill Aniseed Tejpat Kokam Tejpat Curry-Leaf Bay-Leaf Asafoetida ana many more….”